Solar Rock is Sunday, March 27 at Armory Park

In March, residents concerned about the catastrophic effects of climate change will rally to promote the benefits of renewable energy.

What is Solar Rock?

• Solar Rock is a 100% solar-powered concert and fair.
• Solar Rock is free and open to the public.
• This year’s Solar Rock will coincide with Cyclovia, a car-free community cycling and walking event.

Now in its fifth year, Solar Rock will feature live music from bands like Michael P., The Way Back Machine, Spirit Familia and The Opposables, the winner of the Arizona Daily Star’s 2011 Battle of the Bands competition. There will also be speakers, games, kids’ activities, food, and exhibits from local businesses, schools, and community organizations.

“If there are two things Tucson has in spades, it is great music and sunshine” said Solar Rock organizer Coley Ward. “So a concert to promote solar power makes perfect sense.”

Solar Rock 2011 will feature an assortment of activities and organizations including valet bike parking; a “free-meet” where people can exchange unwanted household items as long as no money changes hands; The Physics Factory, a modified school bus for hands on science experimentation & stage shows for all ages; and opportunities for kids to paint their own canvas bag to help reduce the need for disposable plastic bags in our community.

The event will be powered by an on-site trailer outfitted with solar panels, inverters, and battery packs that will act as a teaching tool for individuals to see how solar electricity is generated. GeoInnovation, the company that is donating the trailer, will be on-hand to talk with the public.

Solar Rock focuses on solar power as a solution to the immense challenges that climate change seems destined to bring.

Solar rock is from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at Armory Park.

You can find more information and updates at

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