Our deli has a new name

Over the next few months, you’ll notice changes – some big, some small – to the look of the co-op.

We’re introducing a new logo, t-shirts, grocery bags and in-store signage. It’s all part of a rebranding campaign that started over a year ago and is finally ready for primetime.

What is rebranding? For that matter, what is a brand? The long answer: A brand is a mixture of tangible and intangible attributes represented by a range of symbols, including the brand name and logo, as well as the manner in which one speaks and behaves.

Put another way, a brand is the feeling you get when you walk in our front doors.

In the past, our logos and in-store signage have used a variety of colors and fonts. This lack of consistent presentation distracted from our emphasis on healthy food, as locally and sustainably produced as possible.

Strong brands are a result of careful management and consistent execution. A brand summarizes the spirit of the company by conveying its mission, vision, and philosophy. That’s what we’re hoping to achieve with our new campaign.

What will it look like?

In recent years, the co-op’s “power veggies” were used in place of a hyphen in the word “co-op.” Our new logo returns the hyphen to its rightful place and removes the signs from the veggies’ fists – putting the power back in the “power veggies.” In the future, the veggies will be on marketing materials, advertising, and stationary, but they will no longer be featured in the logo.

Our new logo color is green. Specifically, it’s pantone 583. We like to call it “cooperative green.” We’ll continue to use the Neutra font family that debuted on co-op posters and freezer case signs over a year ago.

The biggest change: We’re renaming the co-op’s deli “Conspiracy Kitchen.” And we’ll apply that naming structure to our other signature departments and products. Keep your eye out this fall for Conspiracy Beer (more on that later!).

We’re excited about the new co-op’s new look, and hope you are too! If you have any questions, please email Marketing Manager Coley Ward (marketing@foodconspiracy.org) or call him at 624-4821.

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