Recipe: Quick and Easy Pasta with Mushrooms and Leeks

Here’s a great recipe from Yong, co-owner of Forever Yong Farms. Enjoy!


Quick and Easy Pasta with Mushrooms and Leeks

8 oz Farfalle pasta

8-12 oz mushrooms

8-10 oz leeks – white and pale green parts only

2-3 TB olive oil



Thyme and/or oregano leaves  (optional)

More olive oil

Parmesan cheese


Halve and wash the leek under running water to rid of any dirt. Slice thinly crosswise.

Finely chop mushrooms.

Heat a 12-inch skillet over medium heat.

Add oil, leek, pinch of salt, pepper; sauté, stirring often. 3-4 minutes.

Add chopped mushrooms and cook until tender. Stir and shake the pan often.13-14 minutes.

Meanwhile bring salted water to boil.

Add about 2 TB of the hot water into mushrooms and leeks pan and stir while it is cooking. Repeat one more time.

Add thyme and/or chopped oregano leaves.

Cook pasta according to your taste.

Drain pasta and reserve ½ cup of pasta water.

Transfer drained pasta into the skillet.

Add olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper. If it seems too dry, add the hot pasta water.

Mix well to combine.

Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.


Serves 2-3.

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