Download our new cookbook, Tucson Cooks

Photo by: Mamta PopatTucson Cooks is available for sale at the Food Conspiracy Co-op for $20. You can also download a PDF version of the cookbook for $5 using the form below:

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The Food Conspiracy Co-op has published a new cookbook, Tucson Cooks, that features recipes from the Conspiracy Kitchen as well as some of your favorite local vendors.

“For years, people have been asking us for the recipes for some of their favorite Conspiracy Kitchen foods,” said Food Conspiracy General Manager Kelley Kriner. “This book has some of those recipes, as well as recipes from many of our wonderful local vendors.”

More than half of the 26 recipes in Tucson Cooks come courtesy of the Conspiracy Kitchen, which makes many of the co-op’s delicious prepared foods. Conspiracy Kitchen recipes featured in Tucson Cooks include peanut-ginger rice noodles, cashew coconut bars, and curried tempeh salad.

Local companies that contributed recipes to Tucson Cooks include:

  • Exo Roast Co.
  • Forever Yong Farms
  • Isabella’s Ice Cream
  • La Tauna Tortillas
  • Rex’s Perogies
  • Sleeping Frog Farms
  • Tucson Tamale Co.
  • Walking J Farms
  • Zenhens

Everything about Tucson Cooks is local. The color photos featured in Tucson Cooks were taken by local photographer Mamta Popat, and the book was printed locally at Action Printing.