Our flowers are blooming!  There are sunflowers and cosmos. Bouquets are for sale in the store or just enjoy them as they grow when you pass by on 3rd avenue.  The bees certainly seem to be loving them, as am I!

sunnies sun-bee








The green bean plants are working their way up the trellis.  There are flowers, but no beans yet.  The tomatoes are beginning to blush.  Won’t be long now!  The yellow squash and basil have been producing well.  You can find both in our produce department, freshly harvested three days a week!

yellow squashbean trellistomato







Several days ago I was out on the Rillito River path where I had the good fortune to come across a Ben’s Bell!  I couldn’t think of a better place for it than Conspiracy Gardens, so it now graces the branches of our center Lisbon Lemon tree.

bell bens bellBB tag

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