Summer Harvests & Rabbits in the Garden!

It’s time for summer harvests!  We’ve been getting decent harvests of squash, tomatoes, Anaheim and Serrano peppers, basil, eggplant, and flowers.  The sun has been taking a toll on the plants though, and we are thankful that the monsoons are arriving!

Fresh picked!

harvest buckets

A days harvest in buckets saved for the garden by our awesome kitchen team! Thank you, Conspiracy Kitchen!


 One morning a few weeks ago I turned on the irrigation to the fruit trees and saw a geyser of water coming from one of the lines.  Not good.  Investigation showed that something had severed the line.  I repaired it and all was fine…for a few days.  Again, I found the same line severed.  I repaired it again.  Several days later, I saw a rabbit sitting under the tree where the irrigation had been damaged.  Could that be the culprit?  Indeed, as I got closer, I could see it was a mother rabbit nursing baby rabbits!  She had chewed through the irrigation lines in digging her den.  As a nature lover, I was thrilled to witness the miracle of life right there in the garden.  However, as a grower, I was horrified at the thought of rabbits multiplying in the garden.  Since then, I have not seen the mother, and the babies are no longer in that spot.  Hopefully, they have  found a suitable spot to relocate!




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