Natural & Organic Turkeys are Here!

NATURAL TURKEYS  from Diestel Turkey Ranch in Sonora, CA $1.99/lb

No reservations needed.  While supplies last.

Diestel Turkeys are always raised without antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones.

–No added salt solutions and ice-chilled for quality

–No antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones

–100% Vegetarian Diet, enhanced with vitamins and minerals

–Raised Gap Rated Step 3, raised in a barn environment with enhanced outdoor access

–No gluten, casein, carrageenan, phosphates, MSG, artificial ingredients or preservatives

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“We are proud to be one of the last turkey producers in the Western United States to take the extra time and attention required to mill our own feed. We allow turkeys to develop slowly, resulting in a more tender and juicy old-fashioned turkey flavor.”

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ORGANIC TURKEYS  from Organic Prairie are $2.99/lb

Organic Prairie meats are produced by an independent cooperative of organic family farms. No reservations needed.  While supplies last.

  • Organic Prairie certified organic turkeys roam freely, with unlimited access to fresh air and sunshine.
  • Organic Prairie only feeds 100% certified organic feed

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