Isabella’s Ice Cream: Name the Flavor Fun this weekend!

Isabella’s 1927 model T has become a Tucson icon, recognized at events throughout the city, like Cyclovia. Just one look at that model T and your mouth waters! But you don’t have to chase down the revamped, solar-powered model T to sample the company’s fabulous ice cream. At the Co-op’s birthday sale on Saturday, February 3, 2018 we will host an Isabella’s Ice Cream tasting from 2:00 – 4:00pm. Isabella’s will create two new custom flavors horchata and a prickly pear sorbet to help us celebrate…and Co-op customers will help name them! Create a name that captures the essence and spirit of each new flavor and enter our “Name the Flavor” contest for the chance to win a free pint!

Food Conspiracy Co-op has been selling Isabella’s Ice Cream since 2011 and was the first store to stock it. We like Isabella’s products because they are designed to be environmentally conscious, from the careful sourcing of ingredients to the responsible selection of materials used for packaging.  The ice cream is hand-crafted at Isabella’s 4th Avenue shop from fresh cream and milk purchased from family-owned, independent dairies in Arizona. They produce unique flavors like spicy chocolate, desert honey, and organic lavender. Product packaging uses no adhesives and containers are 100 % recyclable.  Their manufacturing facility also prides itself on being water conscious, recycling the water used during production to save 5 gallons per minute.

In the coming weeks, when the Co-op’s birthday celebration is over, you’ll find Isabella’s newly-named, custom flavors for sale in our freezer section. If you’re hankering to try some of Isabella’s other fabulous flavors, you can stroll down to their shop at 210 North 4th Avenue just a few blocks south of the Co-op.

Check Isabella’s Ice Cream website at to learn more about its products and inquire about its catering services.