The Results are In!

by Michael DeSantis, Board President

The Food Conspiracy Board of Directors set ambitious goals for this election cycle: celebrate more, include staff and empower members. We also made innovative changes to improve the process, collaborated closely with management and created a system to better plan, budget and implement next year’s election cycle. We reached out to our members and you responded – loud and clear. I’ll share some statistics with you in a moment, but since the annual meeting, I’ve asked staff, members and board members what they most enjoyed, personally. A pattern emerged: It was the celebration of everything we stand for and have worked towards for all these years, and the way we included our hard working staff in that celebration.

Of course, when you try new things, not all of them work out and we have quite a list of “lessons learned” to incorporate into next year’s event planning. I would like to share just one example here. Having never paid close attention to how many kids come to the Annual General Meeting, we were unsure if it would be worth making arrangements with “Playformance” (next door to Borderlands) for special fun for the kids. This year we did pay attention, and 17 kids showed up. So, some kind of special activities for the kids will be part of our future Annual General Meeting planning!

Personally, the most meaningful statistic here is that while two propositions received strong 2 to 1 support, one stood out with 3.5 to 1 support. It was the proposition addressing a potential barrier to running for a seat on the Food Conspiracy Board of Directors. I deeply want to be part of a functioning democracy, where all voices are heard, and our owner controlled co-op has always been a beacon of light for me, even when I’m disheartened by world events. This one statistic, along with the renewed strength and collaboration within our Co-op, gives me what I need to carry on with the good work of building democracy, right here in my own community. Thanks for making your voice heard!

The following is a summary. Thank you again for participating in the governance of your Food Conspiracy Co-op.

Total votes and attendance

194 total votes were cast during the month of March and 184 people attended our Annual General Meeting. (Looking at our 5 year average, the 2018 election cycle and annual meeting was a great success! It was #1 in votes cast and #2 in attendance.)

Board Candidate Results

All three candidates for Board of Directors received very strong support, with each receiving approximately 90% of all votes cast for candidates.

Proposition Results

  • Bylaw 8.4: Require approval to defer owner patronage rebates – Passes 2 to 1
  • Bylaw 4.3: Reduce Board candidate application submittal requirement – Passes 3.5 to 1
  • Bylaw 2.4: Maintain full ownership rights – Passes 2 to 1

Cooperative Community Fund Results

These are the top three organizations, starting with the highest vote count:

  1. BICAS
  2. Northern Jaguar Project
  3. Local First Arizona

Round Up Results

These are the top three organizations, starting with the highest vote count:

  1. Humane Borders
  2. Native Seeds/SEARCH
  3. Mariposas Sin Fronteras