Ask Alice Waters to Stand Up Against Sludge!

When the Organic Consumers Association learned that San Francisco, where Gavin Newsom was named “World’s Greenest Mayor” by Organic Style magazine, was pulling off this scam to trick organic gardeners into using sewage sludge, the first person we thought would want to help was Alice Waters. Waters, the celebrity chef who founded Chez Panisse, is one of the world’s most famous organic advocates. Plus, she’s a Bay Area community gardener who started the Edible Schoolyard movement. We were sure that she would be appalled by San Francisco’s attempt to get people to dispose of toxic sewage sludge in their organic gardens.

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Food Agenda 2020: A National Petition on Agricultural Solutions for Climate Change and Health

Given the fact that the direct (CO2, nitrous oxide, and methane) and indirect (deforestation, draining of wetlands) greenhouse gas emissions from factory farms and chemical and energy-intensive industrial agriculture constitute the majority of greenhouse gases, we call on U.S. elected officials, political candidates, and regulatory agencies to support and implement the following three public policies:
(1) Implement Truth in Labeling
(2) Stop Subsidizing Destructive Policies
(3) Build an Organic and Green Economy

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Ice Cream Sunday

SUNDAY, AUG 15th. Stop in for a free sample cup of ice cream with toppings from 4-7 pm. Taste the organic difference! Plus, all day on August 15th, get 10% OFF on all regularly priced frozen desserts. (Does not apply to sale items.)

The Time is Ripe For ‘Food Forward’ TV Show

San Francisco-based food journalist Stett Holbrook and documentary filmmakers Todd Dayton and Greg Roden are in the middle of raising the money to shoot a pilot episode of “Food Forward,” which will focus on “people who are changing how we eat in America.” Instead of the dire, depressing images of the Oscar-nominated documentary Food, Inc., they’re looking at the people who’ve rejected the industrial model in favor of small-scale, sustainable food production.

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What Connects Your Carrot to the Climate Crisis?

A new online film from WhyHunger, “The Food and Climate Connection: From Heating the Planet to Healing It,” highlights the impact of today’s global food system on the climate and how a community-based food movement around the world is bringing to life a way of farming and eating that’s better for our bodies and the planet. Featuring interviews with farmers, community leaders, and sustainability advocates, the film highlights how the industrial food system is among the greatest contributors to global warming and how sustainable farming practices can pose a powerful solution to the crisis.

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