Local Challenge Stories

10 Ways for Kids to Go Local

“Eat your veggies!” “Clean your plate!” “You don’t know what’s good for you!” When it comes to eating healthy foods, these might be some parents’ daily mantras. At the peak of the local food season, there’s no better time to engage your kids in enjoying good food. Encouraging kids to get excited about local foods… Read more »

July 13 – Day 13

You know those days. Why should I pretend like I don’t have them too. You’ve just finished your work week. You’re looking forward to your weekend, no matter what it holds, but the first priority is a nap. And before you know it, you wake up, it’s well past dinnertime and you’re hungry. Hmm. Ok…. Read more »

July 12 – Day 12

I ran into Diana from La Tauna Tortillas while I was at the Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market yesterday. It wasn’t the first time we’ve crossed paths and, as I approached her table of tortillas, she greeted me warmly, as always. She asked if I had ever tried her Spicy Tortillas. I assured her I had… Read more »

July 11 – Day 11

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market. I’d argued recently that this market has historically been a tough one for me to get to but the truth is I just haven’t made it a priority. I should have. I’d come on a good week. Some monsoon weather had come through… Read more »

July 10 – Day 10

That was fun. Let’s do another one. Until he moves on to bigger and better things, Blake Collins brews the beer at Borderlands Brewery. If you like his beer then you like Blake since the beer itself perfectly represents Blake’s inner beauty. Ok, maybe not (or maybe), but Blake’s a friend that one day appeared… Read more »

July 9 – Day 9

A few days ago I sat overlooking the San Pedro River Valley talking about local foods. It didn’t escape my mind that there, far below, lay Sleeping Frog Farm operated by Debbie, Adam, CJ and Clay. As time has passed I’ve had the good fortune of slowly getting to know all four of these passionate… Read more »

July 8 – Day 8

Today left me excited about cooking possibilities for the rest of the week. At some point during the past few days I realized while thinking out loud that, with all the basil sitting in my windowsill, I could easily make pesto, except I was without some sort of nut to bring it all together. But… Read more »

July 6 – Day 6

I went on a hike today with my friend, Eric. The monsoons inevitably pull me out of my apartment in search of spectacular clouds and their attending sunsets. It’s a beautiful time to be out and about and I frequently pull out the doplar radar hoping to plant myself as near a storm as possible… Read more »

July 4 – Day 4

Dear reader, (yes, Justin, I’m talking to you – you’re the only one) today I found my self wallowing in the pits of despair. I was on top of the world only to have it all come crashing down on top of me. When I look outside all I see is blackness and cold (in… Read more »