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Fresh and Frozen Turkeys available!

We have fresh organic, and frozen antibiotic-free, and local heritage turkeys Coastal Range Organics $2.99/lb (fresh) Coastal Range Organics chickens and turkeys are raised on a fully-organic diet with all-natural, 100% vegetarian grain feed, free of any animal by-products and synthetic additives. That’s why they are naturally great tasting. Coastal Range Organics chickens and turkeys… Read more »

Thanksgiving Sale for owners

All day November, 15th owners get: 10% off purchases up to $74.99, 20% off purchases $75-$149.99 and 20% off purchases $150 and up. Save your lists! The more you shop, the more you save! We’ll have sampling of f Thanksgiving sides and organic pumpkin pie from Conspiracy Kitchen, Sana Raw will be sampling new raw… Read more »

Classes at the Co-op

We are pleased to offer a variety of classes in the next phase of the education program at the Food Conspiracy Co-op.  We invited community members to submit proposals and  have a great schedule of classes this November and December from a three part series of classes on fermentation by Dan Dorsey, Vegan & Raw… Read more »

Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, It's Time to Take the Chicken Coop Tour

If you’re thinking about raising hens but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.  The Food Conspiracy Co-op’s 7th Annual Chicken Coop Tour is a great way to get inspired and informed.   See a wide variety of coop styles and sizes.  Talk to backyard chicken keepers. Learn how to raise chicks. The… Read more »

Conspiracy Gardens update

Fall has always been my favorite season. I grew up in northern New York, where fall meant crisp cool days and brilliant foliage on the maple and oak trees. While fall doesn’t make quite as dramatic an entrance here in Tucson, I am just as happy to see it! Summer is a tough time to… Read more »

Interested in Running for Board of Directors?

Board of Director elections are coming up next March. The deadline to submit the board candidates application is Nov. 1st. This is an important way for owners to participate in the life of the co-op.  The application and board member duties can be found under the Board section of the website at the link below. Board… Read more »

Try the newest Conspiracy Beer, an IPA by 1702

Our new batch of Conspiracy Beer will debut on Friday, August 1. It’s an India Pale Ale brewed by 1702. What is Conspiracy Beer? Conspiracy Beer is brewed by a local Tucson microbrewery. The style of beer changes every two months. The price of the beer will vary, depending on the style. The profits from the… Read more »

Eden Foods and Affordable Care Act

Thank you to those of you who’ve contacted the Food Conspiracy Co-op and shared your thoughts regarding Eden Foods and the Affordable Care Act.  When a few owners called for the co-op to take action on this issue it presented an opportunity for a conversation.  On Tuesday, July 23rd, 8 owners, two Board members and… Read more »

10 Ways for Kids to Go Local

“Eat your veggies!” “Clean your plate!” “You don’t know what’s good for you!” When it comes to eating healthy foods, these might be some parents’ daily mantras. At the peak of the local food season, there’s no better time to engage your kids in enjoying good food. Encouraging kids to get excited about local foods… Read more »

Two winners tie at the Pie Party

The results are in!  The 11th Annual Pie Party proceeds will be shared by the two winning organizations, El Group Youth Cycling and Tucson Village Farm who each received 175 votes, congratulations!  Your pie eating and baking enthusiasm raised a total of $845.86! We were pleased with the turnout and know what to expect next… Read more »