LATEST ON THE SFPUC/CHEZ PANISSE SLUDGE SCANDAL: When Environmentalists Go Bad (and Tell Lies)

Since 2007, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has given away “free organic biosolids compost” to gardeners and school gardens in San Francisco. Of course, their “organic” compost could not be legally applied on an organic farm because its made of sewage sludge – what the sewage industry likes to euphemistically call “biosolids.” Sewage sludge is minimally regulated by the EPA and its use as fertilizer for food crops has resulted in human and animal deaths in the past. Of course, usually it doesn’t result in such acute toxicity, but those are the chances you take when you play with such a minimally regulated chemical soup.

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Monsanto, BASF Turn Attention to Wheat

Monsanto Co. and BASF said Wednesday they would develop genetically modified wheat as part of an expanded joint venture.

The world’s largest seed maker and the German chemical giant had dropped earlier plans for biotech wheat in 2004, concerned some export markets would not accept it, but declining production in the U.S. has sparked renewed farmer interest in developing a stronger variety of wheat.

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Struggling to Be ‘Fully Alive’

Robert Jensen writes about reader responses to his essay asking people to report on how they cope with the anguish of living in a world in collapse. He’s reminded that, “The unjust social systems and unsustainable ecological practices of contemporary society started with the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago, when humans began dominating each other and the planet in evermore destructive fashion, and intensified dramatically over the 250 years of the industrial revolution. And for nearly that long, some people have resisted the power of elites and tried to protect the land.”

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