Organic Consumer Association Stories

Local and Organic: Locavores Take Their Passion for Produce to the Next Level

Organic, sustainable, local – everyone talks the trendy talk, but some Bay Area foodies are taking the locavore message to heart. They’re not only frequenting farmers markets, they’re launching locavore supper clubs and recipe-rich blogs, and subscribing to CSAs – small, local farms whose Community Supported Agriculture programs eliminate the middle man by delivering fresh… Read more »

Corn is the Biggest Culprit in Gulf Dead Zone

While the BP oil spill has been labeled the worst environmental catastrophe in recent U.S. history, a biofuel is contributing to a Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” the size of New Jersey that scientists say could be every bit as harmful to the gulf. Click here to read this article

Obama’s Food Revolution: Business as Usual for Agribusiness, Small Change for Organics

Morse Pitts has been cultivating the same land in New York’s Hudson Valley for 30 years. His operation, Windfall Farms, is the very picture of local, sustainable agriculture. From early spring to late fall, the farm’s 15 acres are luxuriant with snap peas, squash, mint, kale, and Swiss chard. Its greenhouses burst with sun gold… Read more »

Is Your Animal’s Diet as Healthy as Your Own?

Natural and organic have become buzzwords that are as important when applied to pet food as to food for humans. People who are wary of possible toxic additives and contamination in what they eat also want their pets to have the healthiest, most wholesome diets. Click here to read this article