Menu – May 11

Kale & Mushroom Quinoa Bake (Vegetarian & Wheat Free), Kale & Sausage Quinoa Bake (All-Natural & Wheat Free), Herby Mashed Cauliflower (Vegan & Wheat Free) and a Forever Yong Farms Squash Saute (Vegan & Wheat Free).  Cream of Cauliflower & Conspiracy Kale (Vegan) and Italian Chicken and Vegetable (Wheat Free).

Conspiracy Beer

Our latest batch of Conspiracy Beer is courtesy of the fine folks at Barrio Brewing Co. It’s a hefeweizen with hand-zested orange peel and vanilla beans. Please enjoy and remember, proceeds from the sale of growlers of Conspiracy Beer go to El Grupo Youth Cycling. 5.2% ABV. 20 IBU. $12/fill.

Beginning in December, Conspiracy beer will be brewed by Dragoon Brewing Co. It’s a Northern English Style Brown  Ale.  Proceeds from
this batch will benefit BICAS, now celebrating 25 years as Tucson’s bicycle recycling and education center!



Interested in Running for Board of Directors?

Board of Director elections are coming up next March. The deadline to submit the board candidates application is Nov. 1st. This is an important way for owners to participate in the life of the co-op.  The application and board member duties can be found under the Board section of the website at the link below.

Board of Directors Page

Eden Foods and Affordable Care Act

Thank you to those of you who’ve contacted the Food Conspiracy Co-op and shared your thoughts regarding Eden Foods and the Affordable Care Act.  When a few owners called for the co-op to take action on this issue it presented an opportunity for a conversation.  On Tuesday, July 23rd, 8 owners, two Board members and three Food Conspiracy staff met in an open meeting in the Hoff building.  The intention of this meeting was not vote on whether or not to remove Eden Foods from the store.   It was an opportunity to meet in a safe space, share and create a better understanding of the issues, and to share the co-op’s history and philosophy on requests for boycotts.  Our policy is to focus on providing choices and information so our customers can choose which companies and products they believe in and want to support.   We did agree that more educational information that may impact customers shopping choices needs to be provided and available in the store.  If you are an owner and would like to have more conversation with other owners about Eden Foods, the next discussion will be at the Owner Linkage Committee meeting on Saturday, September 20 at 10:00 a.m. in the Hoff Building behind the co-op.

Unfamiliar with the Issue?

Eden Foods appears on track to win its fight with the federal government over funding insurance coverage of contraception in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial Hobby Lobby ruling.   This has upset some of our shoppers who don’t agree with Eden Foods’ politics. A few have called for the Co-op to boycott the company’s products.

Food Conspiracy Co-op serves a diverse customer base and there are individuals on both sides of this debate. As a result, we feel that we can best serve our community by continuing to focus on providing healthy foods without taking a stance on the politics of this particular issue.

It is important to consider that Eden Foods has been an industry leader in maintaining organic standards and bringing BPA-free packaging to the U.S. market. Eden’s offerings are amongst the most high quality products available at the Co-op due to their commitment to organics, GMO labeling, and using BPA-free cans. Eden has been an industry leader in organics and maintaining standards in the face of corporate attacks. They have fought to maintain organic standards in the face numerous attempts to water them down. They also almost singlehandedly brought BPA-free lining into cans to the U.S. market and raised the bar, so that BPA-free cans are becoming or have become the industry standard for natural/organics.

What does the Hobby Lobby case have to do with Eden Foods?

Eden Foods was not a plaintiff in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case, meaning the Supreme Court has not made a ruling specific to Eden Foods. However, in their Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling, the Supreme Court ordered the lower courts to reconsider their earlier decisions against Eden Foods.


What is Eden Foods’ stance on the Affordable Care Act as it relates to women’s health care?

Eden Foods objects to a provision of the Affordable Care Act that requires companies, if they choose to offer health insurance to their employees, to include coverage of a wide array of contraceptive choices. Here’s an excerpt from Eden Foods’ statement on the issue:

We believe in a woman’s right to decide, and have access to, all aspects of their health care and reproductive management. This lawsuit does not block, or intend to block, anyone’s access to health care or reproductive management. This lawsuit is about protecting religious freedom and stopping the government from forcing citizens to violate their conscience. We object to the HHS [Health & Human Services] mandate and its government overreach.

Some people are calling for a boycott of all Eden Foods products. What is our co-op’s stance on this issue?

Our co-op serves a very diverse customer base and there are individuals on both sides of any issue. We believe that we can best serve our community by continuing to focus on providing healthy foods without taking a stance on the politics of this particular issue.

We also encourage our customers to vote, on this and other issues, with their dollars by supporting those companies they like and believe in. When (for any reason) products don’t sell, the co-op stops carrying them. As always, consumers can and should choose to purchase the products that meet their own needs. Consumers can choose to personally not buy the product, but we will not be discontinuing our sales of Eden Organics at this time.

We are, as members and shoppers of a co-op, united in a common set of principles. We are also individuals with differing views on a multitude issues. It is not when we all agree that makes the Co-op stronger, it is when we all have a voice.

Owners wishing to have a deeper discussion about Eden Foods are invited to the next Owner Linkage committee meeting on Saturday, September 20th at 10:00 a.m. at the Hoff Building behind the co-op at 425 East 7th Street.

There is a provision for an owner to start a petition to have a special meeting called or a have a proper issue presented to a vote of the owners. Here are the by-laws and links to Food Conspiracy Co-op bylaws.

Section 3.2 – Special meetings.  Special meetings of owners may be called by the Board. Special meetings shall be called by the President as soon as possible after the receipt of petitions signed by ten percent of owners, such petitions stating any proper business to be brought before the meeting.

Section 3.9 – Issues submitted by owners.  Notices of a meeting of owners shall include any proper issues submitted by petition of at least five percent of owners.  Petitions must be received by the co-op not less than one hundred and twenty days before the date of the meeting at which or in connection with which they are to be presented to a vote of owners.

Statements from Eden Foods July 11

On response to Affordable Care Act  Heath and Human Services Mandate April 2013

Salon Article  Organic Eden Foods’ quiet right-wing agenda (April 11, 2013)

Salon Article Eden Foods doubles down in birth control flap (April 15, 2013)

Salon Article  Eden Foods CEO’s bad week continues (April 18, 2013)

Philidelphia Inquirer Co-op’s Quandary: Boycott or Not? September 2, 2014



10 Ways for Kids to Go Local

“Eat your veggies!” “Clean your plate!” “You don’t know what’s good for you!” When it comes to eating healthy foods, these might be some parents’ daily mantras. At the peak of the local food season, there’s no better time to engage your kids in enjoying good food.

Encouraging kids to get excited about local foods is a great way to increase their appetite for nutritious foods like tomatoes, broccoli, eggs and carrots as well as healthy grains, dairy and meats.

Check out these 10 tips for getting children interested in local foods from spring and summer to harvest.

  1. Take your family on a farm tour. Encourage your kids to take pictures and make a photo book or poster about the farm to share with friends and classmates during show-and-tell or a similar time.
  2. Let your kids play with their food. Make an art project out of local foods, such as seed art or veggie sculptures.
  3. Planting a back yard garden or container garden? Don’t just share in the dutiesDesignate one row or one type of vegetable or fruit that is your child’s to plant, weed and harvest throughout the season.
  4. Encourage your child to pick out an item at the farmers market or co-op; then prepare a meal with them using their chosen local food.
  5. Make freezer jam out of their favorite berries. By making freezer jam, kids can learn about food preservation and enjoy their favorite fruit into the fall season. There’s always room for jam!
  6. Declare your food independence! On July 4, make homemade ice cream featuring locally-sourced milk, cream, fruit and nuts.
  7. Throw a local food pizza party.  Devote a Saturday afternoon to baking a pizza with as many local foods as possible. Let your kids roll the dough while you chop and shred local ingredients that they can sprinkle on top.
  8. Sip cider and jump in the hay at the local orchard. Pick apples with your kids and talk about the year-long work it takes to produce an array of apples.
  9. Pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. Take your kids to a local pumpkin patch to enjoy the festivities. Then, bring home an extra pumpkin and make a holiday pie, and don’t forget to roast the seeds.
  10. Prepare a meal based on your heritage. Were your grandparents farmers? Prepare a meal based on the food they once grew. Is your ancestry Italian? German? West African? Make a meal based on their native foods with as many local ingredients as possible. Share stories about your family over the dinner table.

– See more at:

Two winners tie at the Pie Party

The results are in!  The 11th Annual Pie Party proceeds will be shared by the two winning organizations, El Group Youth Cycling and Tucson Village Farm who each received 175 votes, congratulations!  Your pie eating and baking enthusiasm raised a total of $845.86!
We were pleased with the turnout and know what to expect next year. More pies!  We know there is always a level of surprise hosting a potluck and this year’s mere70 pies were gone by 4:15 pm!  While the pies were few, they were delicious.  People enjoyed the Tropical Mai Pie, the Vegan Mango Madness, Spanish Tortilla and the Cornmeal Apricot. Next year we will promote the party with more advance notice, will roll out some incentives for bakers to get baking pies (possibly a contest) and will hold classes at the Food Conspiracy Co-op on how to make pie crusts.

Thank you to all of the bakers, servers, the pie eaters and the organizations.   Visit our facebook page to view photos of this year’s party or look for them in the July/Augustedition of the Co-op’s Community News.


See you next year!

Download our new cookbook, Tucson Cooks

Photo by: Mamta PopatTucson Cooks is available for sale at the Food Conspiracy Co-op for $20. You can also download a PDF version of the cookbook for $5 using the form below:

Download Tucson Cooks

  • $0.00

The Food Conspiracy Co-op has published a new cookbook, Tucson Cooks, that features recipes from the Conspiracy Kitchen as well as some of your favorite local vendors.

“For years, people have been asking us for the recipes for some of their favorite Conspiracy Kitchen foods,” said Food Conspiracy General Manager Kelley Kriner. “This book has some of those recipes, as well as recipes from many of our wonderful local vendors.”

More than half of the 26 recipes in Tucson Cooks come courtesy of the Conspiracy Kitchen, which makes many of the co-op’s delicious prepared foods. Conspiracy Kitchen recipes featured in Tucson Cooks include peanut-ginger rice noodles, cashew coconut bars, and curried tempeh salad.

Local companies that contributed recipes to Tucson Cooks include:

  • Exo Roast Co.
  • Forever Yong Farms
  • Isabella’s Ice Cream
  • La Tauna Tortillas
  • Rex’s Perogies
  • Sleeping Frog Farms
  • Tucson Tamale Co.
  • Walking J Farms
  • Zenhens

Everything about Tucson Cooks is local. The color photos featured in Tucson Cooks were taken by local photographer Mamta Popat, and the book was printed locally at Action Printing.


Round UP for BorderLinks

This July, round up your purchase to the nearest dollar to support BorderLinks, a local nonprofit educational organization that focuses on cross-border relationship building.  BorderLinks’ Sustainable Futures Program explores where our food comes from and what is involved in getting it to us.  They examine how the North American Free Trade Agreement affects food security and spurs migration; how food production affects the environment; how migrant farm workers are treated within the food system; and more.  To learn more, visit

July 5 – Day 5

As much as possible, it had been my hope to keep my diet limited to items grown locally, occasionally supplementing it with items that merely had local value added to it, like the tamales I had yesterday. But, as one reader has noted, my diet often falls back to some locally grown standards like onions and garlic with smatterings of kale, arugula, potatoes, zucchini and eggs. Without important basics like flour, spices soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, etc, I feel the variety that might be found in a normal diet is somewhat lacking. For the purpose my individual diet it’s just fine, but for the purpose of driving a public blog it’s somewhat disappointing. On the other hand, I won’t buy a bag of arugula and watch half of it go bad simply for the sake of diversity. Having the Fourth of July fall on a Thursday has perhaps also kept me from accessing products that I might have otherwise gotten. The Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market is one of the area’s best. Here’s the information. I’ll definitely be there next week.

Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market
Thursday 4-7PM
Mercado San Agustin
100 S. Avenida del Convento
It’s west of I-10 at Congress and Grande
Sautéed veggies
Purple potatoes (Sleeping Frog), zucchini (Forever Yong), white onion (Forever Yong), Dino Kale (Sleeping Frog), garlic (Forever Yong), olive oil (Queen Creek), salt and pepper. Simple but tasty.
Scrambled eggs
Eggs (Zen Hens), raw goat milk (Fiore DiCapra), olive oil (Queen Creek), Pepper Jack Cheese (Queso Superior), red hot salsa (Chilttepica)
Bacon Romano Frittata and Mixed Vegetables with Local Summer Squash from the Food Conspiracy Hot Bar. I have the good fortune of working at a place that makes delicious meals from delicious ingredients every single day. That never gets old.
Kale Chickpea Salad. This one is from the refrigerated grab and go case and happens to be one of my favorites.
Vegan Bread Pudding and local cantaloupe (that’s two separate items). I may have finished off what was left of the free samples.image