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Conspiracy Beer

Our latest batch of Conspiracy Beer is courtesy of the fine folks at Barrio Brewing Co. It’s a hefeweizen with hand-zested orange peel and vanilla beans. Please enjoy and remember, proceeds from the sale of growlers of Conspiracy Beer go to El Grupo Youth Cycling. 5.2% ABV. 20 IBU. $12/fill. Beginning in December, Conspiracy beer will… Read more »

Interested in Running for Board of Directors?

Board of Director elections are coming up next March. The deadline to submit the board candidates application is Nov. 1st. This is an important way for owners to participate in the life of the co-op.  The application and board member duties can be found under the Board section of the website at the link below. Board… Read more »

Eden Foods and Affordable Care Act

Thank you to those of you who’ve contacted the Food Conspiracy Co-op and shared your thoughts regarding Eden Foods and the Affordable Care Act.  When a few owners called for the co-op to take action on this issue it presented an opportunity for a conversation.  On Tuesday, July 23rd, 8 owners, two Board members and… Read more »

10 Ways for Kids to Go Local

“Eat your veggies!” “Clean your plate!” “You don’t know what’s good for you!” When it comes to eating healthy foods, these might be some parents’ daily mantras. At the peak of the local food season, there’s no better time to engage your kids in enjoying good food. Encouraging kids to get excited about local foods… Read more »

Two winners tie at the Pie Party

The results are in!  The 11th Annual Pie Party proceeds will be shared by the two winning organizations, El Group Youth Cycling and Tucson Village Farm who each received 175 votes, congratulations!  Your pie eating and baking enthusiasm raised a total of $845.86! We were pleased with the turnout and know what to expect next… Read more »

Download our new cookbook, Tucson Cooks

Tucson Cooks is available for sale at the Food Conspiracy Co-op for $20. You can also download a PDF version of the cookbook for $5 using the form below: The Food Conspiracy Co-op has published a new cookbook, Tucson Cooks, that features recipes from the Conspiracy Kitchen as well as some of your favorite local… Read more »

Round UP for BorderLinks

This July, round up your purchase to the nearest dollar to support BorderLinks, a local nonprofit educational organization that focuses on cross-border relationship building.  BorderLinks’ Sustainable Futures Program explores where our food comes from and what is involved in getting it to us.  They examine how the North American Free Trade Agreement affects food security… Read more »

July 5 – Day 5

As much as possible, it had been my hope to keep my diet limited to items grown locally, occasionally supplementing it with items that merely had local value added to it, like the tamales I had yesterday. But, as one reader has noted, my diet often falls back to some locally grown standards like onions… Read more »

Growlers of Beer

The Food Conspiracy Co-op is now selling growlers of Dragoon Brewing Co. beer and Borderlands Brewing Company beer. How it works: 1. You buy a 1/2 gallon Food Conspiracy glass growler for $6. 2. You bring your growler to the register and tell us what type of beer you want. We fill your growler with beer. Cost varies. 3…. Read more »