IMG_8196Our produce department features as much seasonal, local produce as possible. All of our produce is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The bulk of our produce is USDA-certified organic. Our local produce, which is grown within 200 miles of the co-op, is either certified organic or else our local growers have signed an affidavit attesting that it was grown according to USDA organic standards.

Additionally, most of our local growers, including Sleeping Frog Farms, Forever Yong Farm, and San Xavier Co-op Farm, participate in a program called Certified Naturally Grown, where they take turns inspecting each other’s farms to ensure safe and healthy growing practices.

If you’re a local grower interested in setting up a regular schedule for delivery to the co-op, please let us know.  We think we have the freshest, most beautiful produce in town, and we hope you agree!

Contact: Todd Stadtlander

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