Cooperative Community Fund

Food Conspiracy’s Cooperative Community Fund (CCF) is one of 29 local Cooperative Community Funds in the country, all of which are sponsored by the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. Every year, Food Conspiracy invests several thousand dollars into our CCF. This investment, paired with donations made by members and shoppers, has been helping our fund grow steadily since we started it in 2001. Each March, the interest earned from our CCF is donated to three local non-profits of our members’ choosing.

Any local organization that is a not-for-profit organization and has a mission in alignment with the Co-op’s may apply to be one of our CCF winners. Food Conspiracy Co-op owners vote for CCF nominees in February and winners are announced at the Annual Meeting. Download CCF Aplication 2017. The deadline for 2017 applications is Friday, January 20, 2017.

2014 winners:
Desert Harvesters
Tucson Village Farm
Living Streets Alliance

2015 winners:

Farm Resource Education Network                                                                                                       Sonoran Permaculture Guild                                                                                                                   Youth Outdoor Experience dba Ironwood Tree Experience

2016 Winners

Clinica Amistad (program of Amistad y Salud)
Iskashitaa Refugee Network 
Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona

There are two ways that you can donate to our CCF:

  1. Make a donation at the register. Consider “rounding-up” your change every time you shop (just ask the cashier), or make larger donations on an occasional basis.
  2. Donate online at the Give Where You Live Campaign website:

To find out more email the Food Conspiracy Co-op’s outreach manager at