Fresh Deals

Fresh Deals for the week of September 21st – September 27th
Organic barltett pears (origin Oregon) $1.99/lb
Organic Red Starkrimson pears  (origin Oregon) $1.99/lb
Organic purple kale (origin California) $1.49/lb
Local pickling cucumbers (Arizona) $.89/lb
Local green bell peppers (origin Arizona) $1.99/lb
Organic red bell peppers (origin California/Mexico) $1.99/lb
Organic yellow bell pepper (origin California) $1.99/lb
Organic loose carrots (origin California) $.99/lb

Co+op Basics are everyday low prices on everything from chicken to paper towels and peanut butter!  Look for the purple signs.   Co+op Basics in produce are Organic Girl Salad Mixes $3.99/each and Organic Bananas $.99/lb

Todd’s Weekend Special on Friday 9/23 Saturday 9/24 and Sunday 9/25 oimg_5254nly

Local Conspiracy Grown veggie starts for your fall garden.
Green kale, curly roja, and dino kale and swiss chard (origin Arizona).

2 for $4


Fresh Deals September 21 -27